Thursday, 7 October 2010

PGDay.EU 2010 Call for Papers ending soon!

Dave Page posted this on the European PostgreSQL mailing list, but thought I'd also put this out there...

This year's European PostgreSQL Conference is due to be held on the 6 -
8th December 2010 in Stuttgart Germany (
Following on from last years extremely successful event in Paris, we
hope to make the show bigger and better than before, with:

* A 4 star hotel venue (with spa facilities in the complex)

* A special guest keynote speaker (to be announced Real Soon Now :-) )

* Multiple talk tracks in English and German

* Talks for PostgreSQL hackers and users, as well as decision makers

* A day of training sessions

Of course, to make that happen we need talk proposals from our
community members and users. We're looking for presentations aimed at
developers, users and decision makers on topics such as:

- Developing applications for PostgreSQL
- Administering large scale PostgreSQL installations
- Case studies of PostgreSQL deployments
- PostgreSQL tools and utilities
- PostgreSQL hacking
- Community & user groups
- Tuning the server
- Migrating from other systems
- Scaling/replication
- Benchmarking & hardware
- PostgreSQL related products
- Deployment of PostgreSQL from a business perspective
- Applications and FOSS projects that use PostgreSQL

So if you can make it to Germany in December, please take a look at
the call for papers page on the website
(, and send in your proposal before
the 11th October!

Please forward this message to any colleagues or friends that you
believe may be interested in presenting at the conference.

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