Wednesday, 2 February 2011

FOSDEM, here we come!

FOSDEM is running this weekend in Brussels, and there are a plethora of talks to attend. Naturally I'll be very interested in the PostgreSQL-related talks, and they are as follows:

Sunday - 10am

PL/Parrot - David Fetter will be giving his talk about this new procedural language addition. I don't actually know much about this, which is why I'm especially interested.

Asynchronous Notifications for Fun and Profit - Marc Balmer's talk on asynchronous notifications in PostgreSQL will cover message brokering in distributed environments. This is, annoyingly, at the same time as David's talk.

Sunday - 11am

PostgreSQL extension's (sic) development - Dimitri Fontaine will be sharing his expertise on extension development, hopefully covering the subject of what he's been hard at work on: extension management within PostgreSQL itself.

Sunday - 12pm

Writing a user-defined type - The scarily clever Heikki Linnakangas will explain how you can create your own data type, create operators to work with it, and methods to apply indexing to them.

Sunday - 2pm

Introduction to pgpool-II version 3 - Tatsuo Ishii will be coming all the way from Kanagawa in Japan to talk about the all new version of pgPool II, and how it takes advantage of the new built-in streaming replication feature introduced in PostgreSQL 9.0.

Sunday - 3pm

Get ready for the PostgreSQL Extension Network - Damien Clochard will talk about the exciting new PGXN project (PostgreSQL Extension Network - kind of like Perl's CPAN) which David Wheeler has been developing.

Sunday - 4pm

Using MVCC for Clustered Databases - Marcus Wanner's talk will be on utilising MVCC (Multi-Version Concurrency Control) in the cluster, and how Postgres-R (a multi-master replication extension to PostgreSQL) uses it to effect.

Besides PostgreSQL-related talks, other ones I'm interested in are:
  • Sirius: Is the UK Government backing Free Software?
  • flashrom: Run your BIOS/EFI/firmware updates under any free OS
  • Happily hacking LibreOffice
  • The Document Foundation - four months in the making
... and no doubt I'll find others that'll pique my interest too. This will be my first time at FOSDEM, so I'm really looking forward to it.

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